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Tecnopras s.a.s. is a private company involved in technical consultancy and in human resources management and development. It acts through a global consulting network (global consulting network), services carried out through a pool of linked structures (partnership network). It offers a service defined as Business Consulting, Consulting for Professional Leadership, etc. Tecnopras' task is that of providing - on one side entrepreneurs, managers, workers in general, and on the other side unemployed, disadvantaged women, youngsters. Tecnopras provides a personalised and flexible support, able to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the business plan/procedure, of strengthening motivation and personal ability. Tecnopras acts a strategic opportunity to find the most suitable instruments for supporting the process of change and activating a thorough revision of personal, professional, managerial and entrepreneurial values and career planning. As a technical base it use an advanced psychology applied to business development, encouraging the improvement of the leader in his greatest value, his entrepreneurial and intuitive capacity.

Cristina Miliacca

Via Maestri del Lavoro 26
02032 Passo Corese (RI)

Tel. (+39) 0765 486603
Fax (+39) 0765 488160

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